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Valentina Gastaldo

Professore a contratto

Appalti Opere Di Urbanizzazione Class Action Amministrativa
Parma, Italy

Dalel Melki

Ingénieur en Chimie Analytique & Instrumentation

Mastère En Chimie Industrielle Thèse De Doctorat En Chimie Appliquée à L'Insat Et En Génie Des Procédés à La Rochelle Lasie.
Sousse, Tunisia

Sandra Boré

Infopreneuse & Conceptrice Pédagogeek

Stress PéDagogie Burn-Out
Saint-Cloud, France

Yosef Rozsansky


Nutrition Fitness Weight Loss

Jaworski Capricho

PhD Student

Thermosetting Polymers Epoxy Resins Conductive Materials
Manufacturing Futures Research Institute, Hawthorn, 3122. Australia , VIC

Praveen Kumar donta

Research Scholar

Machine Learning, Wireless Sensor Networks, Big Data
JRF Hall Department of CSE, IITISM Dhanbad, Dhanbad, 826004. India , Jharkhand

Lars Öhrström

Professeur de l'université

Metal-Organic Framework Crystal Engineering Popular Science
Göteborg, Sweden

Ia Giorgadze

Master student of MBA at University of Rennes 1

Master Management Mba
31D, avenue du Prof. Charles Foulon, Rennes, France,

Mir Sakhawat Hossain


4 No Madam Shaha Lane, Sutrapur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Remco Peerdeman

Research Associate

Emerging Technologies