How do I make my research more visible? Does MyScienceWork offer communication services ? (videos/press releases/news writing)


To communicate and to share is to exist.

MyScienceWork accompanies you in the promotion of your research and helps you optimize the reach of your activities on social networks, news outlets and specialized sites. Together, we develop online strategies to promote your latest findings, publications and your events, to increase your visibility, strengthen your reputation, and build your audience.

Below, you can learn more about:

Polaris - The Visibility Solution for Research

Take a quick tour of our solution, optimized to increase the visibility of research organizations and used at Stanford, UC San Francisco, the University Pierre and Marie Curie, the SETI Institute, the Institut Henri Poincaré, and more.

Research, Direct from the Lab, in Accessible, Shareable Formats

Dedicated to making research more accessible, the MyScienceWork team provides popular science article writing, communications on social media, and video production.

Make your research friendly, with new science video formats for collaborators, funders, industry, family and friends... Check out some of our formats:

  • Skype Research Interviews

  • Animated Research Summaries

Check this page for more about our public relations packages (event coverage, writing, PR, outreach).

To contact us: [email protected]