How to create an account with ORCID ?


If you don't have a MyScienceWork account yet, you can create your it using your ORCID iD.

On the registration page, click on the ORCID button.

Use ORCID for your registration


A popup will inform you that MyScienceWork need an email address to create your account. Fill the field with you email address and click "Accept" to register on MyScienceWork using your ORCID iD.

Add your email address


You will then have to sign up or register on ORCID. Once connected, ORCID will ask you to grant access to your ORCID iD to MyScienceWork. Click on "Authorize" to create your account.

Grant access to your ORCID iD

Once authorized, MyScienceWork will now be able to create your new account using your ORCID iD. On the last step, we will let you choose which information should be imported to create your MyScienceWork profile.

Choose your information

You can now create your MyScienceWork account by clicking on "Submit". And that's it ! Your MyScienceWork account is now created and linked to your ORCID iD. If you have chosen to update your profile weekly, our robots will connect every week to your ORCID iD to get your information and update your MyScienceWork profile.