Founded in 2010 by Virginie Simon, a biotech engineer and PhD in nanotechnology, and Tristan Davaille, a financial engineer with a degree in economics — MyScienceWork serves the international scientific community and the promotes easy access to scientific publications, unrestricted diffusion of knowledge and open science. Our comprehensive database includes more than 70 million scientific publications and 12 million patents.

We host a community of professional scientists and science enthusiasts from around the world who use MyScienceWork's open network to deposit and discover scientific publications of all disciplines. Join the community!
For Research Institutions, Scientific Publishers & private-sector R&D companies, MyScienceWork provides a suite of data-driven solutions. Learn more about our products.

Our vision for the near future is to empower research institutions and industries with more intelligence related to research fields by aggregating all available data related to research results to accelerate findings, optimize funding and research efforts, improve transparency, bridge the knowledge gap between academia and industry and avoid duplicate research.

MySciencework believes that making science more accessible will foster data sharing amongst science organizations.

Our Team

Virginie Simon

Virginie Simon, CEO & Co-Founder

Virginie Simon trained as an engineer in biotechnology at the Technological University of Compiègne (UTC), France. In parallel, she completed a BA in philosophy from the University of Nanterre, France. She then received her doctorate in nanotechnology for cancer therapy from the University Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC), Paris. She has over 3 years’ professional experience in a nanomedicine start-up, which confirmed her desire to become an entrepreneur.


  • San Francisco - May 2017 - Gold Award – Women Role Model – French American Business Award
  • Luxembourg - April 2017 - Top 5 Women Business Manager of The Year
  • Paris - March 2017 - Entrepreneur Category - Trophées des Français à l'Étranger
  • Berlin - May 2016 - Top 100 most successful female entrepreneurs in Europe The Hundert
Tristan Davaille

Tristan Davaille, CFO & Co-Founder

Tristan is a graduate of Reims Management School and holds a BA in economics from the University of Paris Est. He has three years’ experience as the head of management control at

Yann Mahe

Yann Mahe, Director Innovation & Business Development

Yann has been working for 10 years in developing innovative technologies/solutions in the Research Market and Scholarly Publishing Industry to help researchers to better access, analyze and promote their outputs. He holds a Master of Business from the University Paris Sud and a Bachelor in law. He joined MyScienceWork to bring his expertise and reinforce the team that works on our innovative project.

Luc Boruta

Luc Boruta, NLP Scientist

Luc has a PhD in computational linguistics from Université Paris Diderot. After working for several years on voice-controlled intelligent personal assistants, he joined MyScienceWork to lead R&D projects and develop an intuitive natural-language interface for the platform's search engine.

Manuel Esteban

Manuel Esteban, CTO

He studied at the IUT in Aix-en-Provence before working in Paris, Brussels and Luxembourg as a web developer for several agencies. In addition to his ten years of experience, he has cofounded a fablab (Thilab) and feels strongly about the importance of sharing knowledge.

Corentin Ribeyre

Corentin Ribeyre, NLP Scientist

Corentin holds a PhD in computational linguistics from Université Paris Diderot. He worked a year for the University of Geneva on automatic prediction of semantic structures. He is also a seasoned full-stack developer and currently trying to become a certified Ethical Hacker.

Pauline Crepel

Pauline Crepel, Business Development Manager

Pauline holds a Master’s degree in Management of Biotechnology and Bio-industries from ESIEE Paris, a high-level management and technology school. She joined MyScienceWork’s team to bring managerial, scientific and business expertise that she developed during several missions she accomplished in France, South Korea and Japan for renowned research institutes. Her international experience in the field of technological innovation tools is a key asset for MyScienceWork's projects.

Sarah Amrani

Sarah Amrani, Communication & Marketing Officer

Sarah has a Masters degree in Communication from the European Communication School in Paris and a certification in Digital Project Management. Impassioned by the digital communication, she acquired an expertise by working in various industries before joining MyScienceWork as the Marketing and Communication Officer. Driven by her experiences, Sarah is dedicated to turning the research and innovation community into a better place to communicate, collaborate and learn.

Arthur Scheiber

Arthur Scheiber, Software Developer

After his studies at Supinfo, carried out in Metz and in London, Arthur joined the web development team at MyScienceWork, in order to put his skills to use and develop his knowledge further.

Johan Nut

Johan Nut, Full Stack Developer

Johan is a last year student at the National University of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics of Grenoble. Passionate by innovation and new technologies, he joined the R&D team at MyScienceWork to perform as a full stack developer on various project and to increase his skills and knowledge, particularly in Data Science.

Jean-Charles Bernacconi

Jean-Charles Bernacconi, Business & Product Development Advisor

Jean-Charles is an expert in strategy design and innovation projects management with 25 years experience, over 10 at executive level. He has a strong experience in change management, team mobilization and stakeholder management. Familiar with multi cultural business ecosystems, Jean-Charles is motivated by investing his skills and time in an organization able to combine growth and sustainability goals.

Clio Bayle

Clio Bayle, Journalist

Clio is a science journalist based in Paris. She’s a graduate from the University of York, Science Po Aix-en-Provence and from École de Journalisme de Toulouse (EJT). She joined MyScienceWork in 2014, and has been working with them ever since. Besides collaborating with MyScienceWork, Clio also works with la Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie and a number of travel and history magazines.


Darrell Gunter

Darrell Gunter, Digital Publishing Executive, Advisor & Non Profit Board Member

Darrell W. Gunter a “Digital” publishing executive with extensive experience in consultative sales, search, semantic technology, mobile and collaboration platforms in the digital industry. He is a frequent speaker and moderator at many industry events. He is the Chief Commercial Officer for Gadget Software. He also serves as the Director North America, for the International Association of STM Publishers.

Having worked for the leaders of the electronic information industry; Xerox, Dow Jones Financial News Services, Elsevier, Collexis and the American Institute of Physics he has been an innovative pioneer in the industry with the successful launch of many dynamic applications; DJ News Retrieval (now Factiva), ScienceDirect, Scopus, College Markets (Elsevier) and Expert Profile, Reviewer Finder, (Collexis). Darrell is very active in the industry with memberships in AAP PSP, SSP and ACS.

He Co-Chairs PSPS’s Committee for Digital Innovation and is a former Associate Editor of the Learned Journal published by the ALPSP. A graduate of Seton Hall University's W. Paul Stillman School of Business, he obtained his BS Business Administration with a major in Marketing and earned his MBA from the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. He also graduated from Rutgers CUEED’s Entrepreneur Pioneer’s Initiative program.


We have raised $5 million from a range of investors, including Edison Group Participations, French business Angel and the Luxembourg State.


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